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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Uncle Frank

We all have certain people in our lives that are very special to us for one reason or another. In my case, two of those people happen to be my aunt and uncle, Cynthia and Frank. They are two people who have had the most positive impact on my life, other than my husband and my Lord, Jesus Christ.
Aunt Cynthia, aka aunt C., and uncle Frank have always been the first to show love, express their love and concern for you, offer to help you through a situation, or just do whatever they could if and when you needed them. They both are such excellent examples of what Christians are supposed to be like.
I know I never had to live with them so I don't know first hand what home life was like in their house, but I think I can guess pretty accurately. They would have expected, faith, love, and understanding to be shared. They would most assuredly want you to be considerate of others, to be anxious to pray for someone, to share your good fortune. Yet, they would, I'm sure, also expect you to be disciplined, to do what you know is right, and avoid what you know to be wrong.
In July of 2002, my daughter was getting married. We could think of only one person that we wanted to perform the ceremony, uncle Frank. Even though he lived about 500 miles away, he made the drive and officiated for us. When the ceremony was over, we offered to have him stay at our house before heading home, but, he decided to go to his mothers to visit, just a couple hours drive away.
I had a scripture passage that was very special to me that I asked him to include in the ceremony, and he was more than happy to. Uncle Frank was always so excited to talk to anyone about Jesus. He loved sharing our Lord with anyone who would sit still long enough for him to say a few words. He was always there when anyone needed to feel that love that only Jesus himself can give. I believe that Jesus used Uncle Frank often to spread His love, to encourage others, to comfort them.
I don't think I ever saw my uncle without a smile on his face. He, and my aunt Cynthia, have both loved me unconditionally all my life. They have never turned their backs on my, ever. Even in difficult times or with extremely difficult situations looming, they both always encouraged me to find the good and to be forgiving. I have learned so much from the two of them. I have even learned about commitment from them, due in part to the fact that they recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary! Yes, I said sixty years of marriage!! Go ahead, say it. WOW!! That's a long time! And, it is! But, they meant what they said when they took their wedding vows; 'for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, through good times and bad', they knew that a marriage is not something you can easily throw away.
There have been times when they have slept in different places because one or the other was away working, hospitalized, or some other reason, but they always knew that the other was just a phone call away. Last night, Aunt C had to go to sleep by herself knowing that Uncle Frank was more than a phone call away. He went to be with Jesus yesterday. Now, a large number of family members are faced with the realization that we cannot reach out and touch him any more, at least not until we get to heaven ourselves.
Now, as arrangements are being made for Uncle Frank's final resting place and our chance to say our final goodbyes and farewells, I am faced with the heartache of losing the one man that I loved like a father, and I know he loved me like a daughter! Even though I have not seen him in several years, I know that the love was still there, is still there. How do I know? Because of the tears that keep streaming down my face. You don't cry this much for someone you don't care about or love.
Uncle Frank, I promise you that I am going to do a better job of staying in touch with Aunt C. I know that you know I love you. I can only hope you had an idea of how much and how important you have been to me and my family. I promise you that I am going to follow your example and be more 'Christ-like'.
I love you Uncle Frank. I'm sorry you had to leave us but I am so thankful that I KNOW where you are right now, you are at Jesus' side! I praise God and I thank Him for the promise that we will be together once again, one day, in eternity.
Would you do me one more favor? Ask God to give all of us still here on earth, grieving your passing, the comfort and peace to continue on with this life until He calls us home.
I love you and I miss you Uncle Frank.

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