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The most important thing to know about me is that I am a Christian. I love my Lord and try very hard to follow his principles. I have no doubt that when my time comes to leave this earth, I will meet my maker in Heaven, and that is such a comforting thought to me.

I am mother to four children, 7 grandchildren, 3 dogs, one cat, and one goat. Yes, I said a goat!

I am a crafter who enjoys scrapbooking, paper crafting, and crochet. I also enjoy outdoors stuff and love to hunt with my husband.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Stuff

I am truly amazed by the affect a newborn baby can have on people, myself included. I was priviledged to sit and rock and love on Abby last night for a while and that was the most relaxed I have been in a long time. It's like God took all the cares and worries off my mind for that period of time. Thank you God, for the precious gift of Abby.
Also, it seems that my relationship with my daughter is on the mend. We are talking more like we used to now and it just feels better to me. I have told her and everyone else, that things that happened in the past, are just that, in the past. We need to forget those things and move on. So far seems like everyone agrees. We have had no cross words or hard feelings during the birth or visitation of Crystal and Abby. In fact, we have been able to converse very kindly. I'm no fool. I know things won't ever be perfect, but if we can maintain like we are going now, that is good enough for me! It is also less stressful on Crystal and Brian, so I am all for that!
Abby is the most precious baby, she is the most beautiful newborn I have ever seen! I could be a little partial, but everyone says the same. Now, don't mistake me, all of my grandchildren have been beautiful babies, but Abby is our first girl and she just has that dainty little girl look about her. To sit and hold her and rock or just lay back in the recliner is so wonderful. The little sounds she makes, the way she looks around trying to take in the world and figure it out! Just to watch all of the growth going on with her, inside and out, is truly amazing. I am in awe of the power of God every time I look at her! God is so good!!!
I have taken probably about 300+ pictures of her already. I will be posting them on my FB page later and then you can all see what a beauty she is. I have to get busy scrapping!!!
I have a dr appointment in Beaumont today, but when I get home from that, I will be in my scrap room, most likely. I will be working on pages for Lauren, as well as getting ideas for Abby's pages! I am so looking forward to that. I want to be able to stay in my scrap room for hours just scrapping! I am my happiest when that's where I am and that is what I am doing.
Well, everyone, I know this post hasn't had much to do with scrapping, but I hope you enjoyed reading it anyway. And, I realize it is shorter than usual, I promise to get back in the groove soon. But for now, this is it. I have to get ready to go for my appt,.
Please, don't hesitate to comment on any of my posts. I would love to see what you have to say, or what your thoughts are. Also, invite your friends to follow me! I promise, these posts will be worth while very soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gifts from God

On Monday, May 17, 2010 @ 0926AM, our family received the most precious gift from God. He gave us a beautiful granddaughter! She weighed in at 7 lbs 7.5 oz, 19.5 inches long, and is absolutely beautiful. Welcome to the world Abby!!!
Her mother, my daughter, has wanted a little girl to "play dress up with" since she was a child herself. She was the only girl in a house full of boys. We were always out numbered. Usually, even the dog was male!!! Talk about testosterone, it was thicker than a San Francisco fog in our house! If she received a new Barbie for a birthday or Christmas, it wouldn't be long before that Barbie had different colors on her arms and legs, or became headless in some sort of war game the boys were playing. They had a tougher time doing things with her larger dolls, except to color them.
She had a room to herself, but the boys always knew the perfect time to sneak in there and create their havoc. She was the oldest so of course, she was in school before them. She would often come home, only to find her room had been trashed by her brothers, usually when they were supposed to have been napping or playing in their rooms and I was in the other room studying or something! She was so happy when she finally graduated high school, got married and moved away from the loving, yet terroristic brothers of hers, or so she thought!!
When she and her husband moved into a family home, inherited due to the death of my husbands mother, she had my oldest son also living with her. He continued to wreak havoc, only not quite as bad. He had stopped coloring on her dolls anyway.
As the kids have grown older and started having families of their own, we have all been through good times and bad, but we have been able to survive these times and help each other out. I thank God for that.
Only God truly knows what goes in with any family dynamic, and He knows what is going on with ours. I thank Him for the fresh opportunities He has given us and I praise Him for the gifts He has given us. I ask him for assistance in other situations and I have faith that He will take care of them, in His way and in His time.
God has truly been good to this family and I know that angers Satan and I really don't care! I say SATAN GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND OUT OF OUR LIVES!!! IN THE NAME OF JESUS, BE GONE SATAN! With that said, and having the faith that God will take care of us, I am cutting this entry short so I can spend more time with my precious granddaughter! I'll be back soon!
In the mean time, thank God for the gifts he has given you. If you aren't sure of what gifts God has given you, take a breath. There is your first gift!! I'm sure you can find others from there.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crystal is in the hospital

Sunday, May 16, 2010, 12:16
I am sitting in the hospital with my daughter, waiting for the doctor to come by and let us know what is going on. Crystal is on the monitor which is monitoring Abby's heartbeat as well as the rate and intensity of contractions. Crystal has had some good contractions and she is still uncomfortable. We sit and wait for Dr. Schnieder to come in and tell us what is going to happen. As I write this Crystal is having a contraction. It is a good one, enough that she is not talking through she says it is hurting in her hips. Earlier the nurse told us the she (doctor) would be in after lunch and we will hopefully know more then. As I sit here listening to the heart beat of my precious granddaughter, my thoughts and feelings are mixed. I am thrilled beyond belief that we are finally going to have the the little girl that Crystal and I have waited so long for. Yet I don't like seeing my baby girl in pain. As I see her move around in an attempt to get comfortable, I can recal when I was in labor with her. That had to be the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. But 27 1/2 hours later, I met the most beautiful baby in the whole world, my daughter. What a feeling of joy and pride that was. To describe my feelings at that time is just impossible. Only someone who has been there will know.
When that child cries and you realizethat your body produced that precious gift from God! That's when you also realize how good God is and how fortunate you are to receive one of God's precious miraclces. The feeling of love is just so strong like no other feeling you have ever had.
1315- Well, they gave her a shot of Breathine to slow the contractions. Dang it! She got up to go to the bathroom and had a brown colored discharge. I told her to call the nurse and tell her about it. They are going to let her eat and she is very happy about that. The plan at this point is, as long as nothing goes haywire, or her contractoins don't get stronger and no vaginal changes, we are looking at having a c-section baby arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon between 12 & 2.
I know I can't wait for little Abby to get here. Crystal did tell me that she doesn't have any of the light weight receiving blankets so I am going by Walmart when I leave here and get her some.
She has had several  visitors today including Meagan, Ashley, Cooter, Amber, Bridgette and Elizabith from church. They let her know that the Sunday School class are planning to bring her dinner when she gets home. I think that is wonderful. Just something that a good church full of good Christian people will do. God Bless all these people.
She continuess to do well, contractions have decreased since the Breathine, but they are continuing. Who knows? If they continue like this, the doc may decide to go ahead and do surgery tonight? We are playing the waiting game right now!.