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The most important thing to know about me is that I am a Christian. I love my Lord and try very hard to follow his principles. I have no doubt that when my time comes to leave this earth, I will meet my maker in Heaven, and that is such a comforting thought to me.

I am mother to four children, 7 grandchildren, 3 dogs, one cat, and one goat. Yes, I said a goat!

I am a crafter who enjoys scrapbooking, paper crafting, and crochet. I also enjoy outdoors stuff and love to hunt with my husband.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh me, oh my

So much I need to do and just don't feel well enough to get out of bed, much less actually DO anything!! I need to update my blog to include some examples of my projects so you can see some of my work! 
I am so anxious to get started doing my workshops and classes and clubs, but at the same time I realize that I still have a great deal to learn! I don't want to rush and do a poor job for someone. All of my customers deserve my best! So, some of my projects may take a little longer than originally planned, but at least it will be work I can be proud of! My "official" crafting blog is still under construction, but you can sign up to follow it if you like and see the work as it happens. http://msjsscrappin-stampin-stampinup.blogspot.com/  I can't thank you all enough for your support!
I pray everyone has a very happy New Year and you and your family stay safe!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

What Christmas means to me....

Christmas is fast approaching and I haven't bought the first present! I hate it when we end up waiting until the last minute, but there have been times that we have found some of the best things at the last minute. Why do we put such importance on presents at Christmas? For so many people, the importance of Christmas lies in the perfect decorations, perfect tree, and of course, the perfect presents. So many people seem to have forgotten the real reason we celebrate Christmas.
Christmas is the time of year we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so excited about what Peachtree Baptist Church is doing to celebrate our Lord's birth. We are having an actual birthday party for Jesus!! Even though we get to enjoy the precious gift God gave us, and we will be enjoying the refreshements, I think God knows we are actually celebrating is birth!
That is what Christmas is all about to me. The enjoyment and celebration of Jesus' birth, sharing this time with family and friends, and what better time to share the story of Jesus with someone than to tell them about his birth! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Glue Arts: We're Counting Down Till Halloween!!

Glue Arts: We're Counting Down Till Halloween!!: We are counting down the days as well but for a couple of different reasons. Of course the kids can't wait to put on costumes and go trick or treating! But on the 29th I get to have surgery done on my c-spine (neck) to remove a ruptured disc and put in a plate. Thankfully, we have plenty of people to trick or treat with, so I will be at home!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Believe it or not, I am relatively new to blogging and haven't quite figured it all out yet. I guess if I would stop with some of my other things, such as scrapping or going to church or just surfing, I could take the time to figure it out.
For example, I haven't figured out yet how to "share" my blog with others. I know I need to send them a link, but it has to be the right one. I will get that one figured out TODAY!!!
I enjoy blogging because I enjoy writing, but there are also so many other things I could be doing with my time. I need to be scrapbooking, and will, later today. I now have 2 clients I am scrapping for. The first is a little girl, well her mom is the client, but she is the cutest little thing! And I am having a really good time scrapping her growing up, especially since we haven't had many girl things around here to scrap about, until recently.
My second "client" is my church. We are in the process of building a new Family Life Center and I have been given the honor of scrapbooking it. If only there were more Christian things out there to use in scrapbooking. It is difficult to find the right papers and embellishments from a Christian standpoint. But, that's okay. Because I know God is going to lead me in the right direction and He and I will make an awesome album for Peachtree Baptist Church of Jasper.
This is going to be a short post, as I need to get busy actually doing some scrapping and I haven't even gotten dressed yet today!!!
I have several things around the house I need to try to get done. I will explain why I say try in another entry, maybe later today.
Everyone have a blessed day and all prayers for me and my family are greatly appreciated.
Love in Christ,

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thoughts of the early morning hours

I have so many different things running through my head right now. My kids and their situations, my wonderful church family and the strong desire I have for my husband to go with me on Sunday and fall in love with them as I have, projects that I need to complete so that I can be paid which in turn will allow me to work on another project.
I am also working on getting my daily planner set up in such a way and with tabs that are actually useful to me. It is so aggravating that I purchased this really nice pink planner last year for my scrapbooking. It was supposed to help me plan pages and such as that. However I don't think I can recall over 3-4 times that I used it. So, now I want a planner that I can integrate all my projects into. I prefer to have them all in one place. That can be difficult when you have a typical sized planner, but enough projects to fill about 3 of them!!! I'm just going to have to cut down on the amount of paper behind each divider I guess.
Now, I am going to be doing the scrapbook for the church's building of the Family Life Center. It is a wonderful building already and it is just metal outside walls and some 2x4 walls. But I tell you, it is such a blessing to walk inside that building and have a small inkling of an idea how much love has gone into what has been done so far.
I watched the men working the other day for a short time and those guys were doing the kind of work, working together in such a way that any contractor in this area should bring his crew to watch and see how they work together. These men truly have teamwork down. But, I believe they are all putting God first, even in their work on this building. These are truly some Godly men and Peachtree is very fortunate to have them as members. I know that I feel blessed to call them part of my church family, even if I haven't learned all their names yet!
This is also the first time I have ever gone to a church that I look so forward to the next time we are going to meet. I do believe if I could, I would go to church every day, that is how enjoyable it is. From the first day I walked in the front doors with my daughter and her family, even though she and I were having differences at the time, I felt comfort. It was like a small voice on my shoulder telling me "welcome home, Judy". I felt at home finally too. I would do anything for this church. They have asked me to do the scrapbook of the raising of the new building. I feel so honored that they asked me so naturally I want to get started quickly! I want this to be an album I can be proud of and that I can say, "God led me in the creation of this album." So, every time I start to work on it, I plan to pray and ask God to come and craft with me for a while and let's make a creation that HE would be proud of. This may be an album for the church, but ultimately it is God's album and I want to create it in such a way that God is pleased. I'm not doing this to please anyone but my God, my Jesus. If I can do that, I know I will be more than happy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jolee's Stickers

You know you love them, right? You can't walk in the craft store, or scrap store without picking up at least one package, right? Well then follow me right on over to Expressions of Faith. They have some fantastic deals on Jolee's and the staff is wonderful!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Buffalo-NY/ExpressionsOfFaithetsycom/245190970514?v=app_2373072738 Seriously folks, go give them a check out!!! Tell them Judy sent you, trust me they will know who you are talking about!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Growing up, we never made much of a deal of Father's Day, or Mother's Day for that matter. They were usually pretty much the same as any other weekend day. Most birthdays were like that too, but that's a whole different blog! LOL
Well, I have always pretty much left it to our kids to make the day special for my husband. I mean I would give them suggestions or $$ when they needed it to get daddy something, but now that they are out on their own, I no longer give them $$ for a gift, shouldn't have to, and the suggestions have really slowed down quite a bit.
I will usually try to prepare a meal that my hubby asks for but this year that was different too. He had all his top teeth pulled about two years ago and dentures made. Well, since it was my work insurance that paid for it, I left work before he had a chance to get his bottom ones done. So, he had a couple of teeth bothering him. On top of that, he found out he is diabetic a few months back so the meal had to be one that he could eat and still stay within his allocated carb count. He stays between 40-60 carbs per meal, which really isn't that difficult until you add pasta, or some of the sweeter fruits, or processed foods. So he does try to stay away from those.
So, yesterday was Father's Day. My hubby spoke with or visited with three of our 4 children. The 4th is 21 and angry, what more can I say! But the highlight of hubbies day were the phone call from 2 year old Ethan who is at Ft Bragg with his mom and dad (my son). They spoke a lot of jibberish and then Ethan told him "ok I done." and hung up the phone!! LOL Then we also were visited by my youngest son who has his first child on the way but he also has a 6 year old step daughter. He loves that girl as if she were his own. I am so proud of him for the way he has just sort of jumped into fatherhood without thinking twice. He's doing a great job too!
And then finally, we got a visit from our daughter, SIL, 3 grandsons, and the newest grand baby, our first granddaughter, Abby. She is a month old now so she is staying awake for slightly longer periods of time, but she sat there with her Pawpaw and took picture after picture after picture. He has problems with his arm so I offered to take her from him and he was thankful as he had to go to the bathroom!!! I asked why he hadn't said anything? But the answer came from the bathroom and we were in the living room so I didn't hear it.
So, I got some playing, and cooing, and smoochy time in with Abby. She is absolutley the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I know I have said that before, but she is. Everything about her is perfect! We have prayed and prayed that this one would be a girl. My daughter has wanted a little girl of her own since she could talk! She always loved changing their clothes and playing dress up with them. Well, now she has the perfect little doll to play dress up with! Meet Ms. Abigail Faye:
Abby, Mawmaw and Pawpaw love you so very much. You are so precious to us and absolutely the most beautiful baby we have ever seen!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Stuff

I am truly amazed by the affect a newborn baby can have on people, myself included. I was priviledged to sit and rock and love on Abby last night for a while and that was the most relaxed I have been in a long time. It's like God took all the cares and worries off my mind for that period of time. Thank you God, for the precious gift of Abby.
Also, it seems that my relationship with my daughter is on the mend. We are talking more like we used to now and it just feels better to me. I have told her and everyone else, that things that happened in the past, are just that, in the past. We need to forget those things and move on. So far seems like everyone agrees. We have had no cross words or hard feelings during the birth or visitation of Crystal and Abby. In fact, we have been able to converse very kindly. I'm no fool. I know things won't ever be perfect, but if we can maintain like we are going now, that is good enough for me! It is also less stressful on Crystal and Brian, so I am all for that!
Abby is the most precious baby, she is the most beautiful newborn I have ever seen! I could be a little partial, but everyone says the same. Now, don't mistake me, all of my grandchildren have been beautiful babies, but Abby is our first girl and she just has that dainty little girl look about her. To sit and hold her and rock or just lay back in the recliner is so wonderful. The little sounds she makes, the way she looks around trying to take in the world and figure it out! Just to watch all of the growth going on with her, inside and out, is truly amazing. I am in awe of the power of God every time I look at her! God is so good!!!
I have taken probably about 300+ pictures of her already. I will be posting them on my FB page later and then you can all see what a beauty she is. I have to get busy scrapping!!!
I have a dr appointment in Beaumont today, but when I get home from that, I will be in my scrap room, most likely. I will be working on pages for Lauren, as well as getting ideas for Abby's pages! I am so looking forward to that. I want to be able to stay in my scrap room for hours just scrapping! I am my happiest when that's where I am and that is what I am doing.
Well, everyone, I know this post hasn't had much to do with scrapping, but I hope you enjoyed reading it anyway. And, I realize it is shorter than usual, I promise to get back in the groove soon. But for now, this is it. I have to get ready to go for my appt,.
Please, don't hesitate to comment on any of my posts. I would love to see what you have to say, or what your thoughts are. Also, invite your friends to follow me! I promise, these posts will be worth while very soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gifts from God

On Monday, May 17, 2010 @ 0926AM, our family received the most precious gift from God. He gave us a beautiful granddaughter! She weighed in at 7 lbs 7.5 oz, 19.5 inches long, and is absolutely beautiful. Welcome to the world Abby!!!
Her mother, my daughter, has wanted a little girl to "play dress up with" since she was a child herself. She was the only girl in a house full of boys. We were always out numbered. Usually, even the dog was male!!! Talk about testosterone, it was thicker than a San Francisco fog in our house! If she received a new Barbie for a birthday or Christmas, it wouldn't be long before that Barbie had different colors on her arms and legs, or became headless in some sort of war game the boys were playing. They had a tougher time doing things with her larger dolls, except to color them.
She had a room to herself, but the boys always knew the perfect time to sneak in there and create their havoc. She was the oldest so of course, she was in school before them. She would often come home, only to find her room had been trashed by her brothers, usually when they were supposed to have been napping or playing in their rooms and I was in the other room studying or something! She was so happy when she finally graduated high school, got married and moved away from the loving, yet terroristic brothers of hers, or so she thought!!
When she and her husband moved into a family home, inherited due to the death of my husbands mother, she had my oldest son also living with her. He continued to wreak havoc, only not quite as bad. He had stopped coloring on her dolls anyway.
As the kids have grown older and started having families of their own, we have all been through good times and bad, but we have been able to survive these times and help each other out. I thank God for that.
Only God truly knows what goes in with any family dynamic, and He knows what is going on with ours. I thank Him for the fresh opportunities He has given us and I praise Him for the gifts He has given us. I ask him for assistance in other situations and I have faith that He will take care of them, in His way and in His time.
God has truly been good to this family and I know that angers Satan and I really don't care! I say SATAN GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND OUT OF OUR LIVES!!! IN THE NAME OF JESUS, BE GONE SATAN! With that said, and having the faith that God will take care of us, I am cutting this entry short so I can spend more time with my precious granddaughter! I'll be back soon!
In the mean time, thank God for the gifts he has given you. If you aren't sure of what gifts God has given you, take a breath. There is your first gift!! I'm sure you can find others from there.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crystal is in the hospital

Sunday, May 16, 2010, 12:16
I am sitting in the hospital with my daughter, waiting for the doctor to come by and let us know what is going on. Crystal is on the monitor which is monitoring Abby's heartbeat as well as the rate and intensity of contractions. Crystal has had some good contractions and she is still uncomfortable. We sit and wait for Dr. Schnieder to come in and tell us what is going to happen. As I write this Crystal is having a contraction. It is a good one, enough that she is not talking through she says it is hurting in her hips. Earlier the nurse told us the she (doctor) would be in after lunch and we will hopefully know more then. As I sit here listening to the heart beat of my precious granddaughter, my thoughts and feelings are mixed. I am thrilled beyond belief that we are finally going to have the the little girl that Crystal and I have waited so long for. Yet I don't like seeing my baby girl in pain. As I see her move around in an attempt to get comfortable, I can recal when I was in labor with her. That had to be the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. But 27 1/2 hours later, I met the most beautiful baby in the whole world, my daughter. What a feeling of joy and pride that was. To describe my feelings at that time is just impossible. Only someone who has been there will know.
When that child cries and you realizethat your body produced that precious gift from God! That's when you also realize how good God is and how fortunate you are to receive one of God's precious miraclces. The feeling of love is just so strong like no other feeling you have ever had.
1315- Well, they gave her a shot of Breathine to slow the contractions. Dang it! She got up to go to the bathroom and had a brown colored discharge. I told her to call the nurse and tell her about it. They are going to let her eat and she is very happy about that. The plan at this point is, as long as nothing goes haywire, or her contractoins don't get stronger and no vaginal changes, we are looking at having a c-section baby arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon between 12 & 2.
I know I can't wait for little Abby to get here. Crystal did tell me that she doesn't have any of the light weight receiving blankets so I am going by Walmart when I leave here and get her some.
She has had several  visitors today including Meagan, Ashley, Cooter, Amber, Bridgette and Elizabith from church. They let her know that the Sunday School class are planning to bring her dinner when she gets home. I think that is wonderful. Just something that a good church full of good Christian people will do. God Bless all these people.
She continuess to do well, contractions have decreased since the Breathine, but they are continuing. Who knows? If they continue like this, the doc may decide to go ahead and do surgery tonight? We are playing the waiting game right now!.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sorry I seem to have been MIA for a couple of days. I started a couple of other projects and my time has pretty much been consumed with that. I did, however, get my scrap room finally cleaned up and mostly organized! Still some work to do there, but at least I can get in there and work and actually find things! I also have a space for someone else to scrap, or for one of my grandchildren to "scrap" or color, which is what they usually do! LOL...
I'm curious, how many pages do you complete on an average week? We all have those interuptions that stop us, such as eating, relieving ourselves, getting a fresh drink, but we die hard scrappers can handle it!! We can go for days without sustenance if it means getting that beautiful page we dreamt up, finished!!! I will probably be doing some of that over the next few weeks trying to get some things done.
If you are not a member of Cafemom, you should be. It is a wonderful socializing site where mom's can join various groups they are interested in, and share challenges and triumphs, discuss new things, meet new people, etc. If you are a scrapper, I invite you to come join Scrap-fabulous! We have a terrific group of ladies who all enjoy swapping and scrapping. We love to share new ideas and tips and tricks with each other, and we often find ourselves learning new things. It's kind of funny how just when you have it all figured out, or so you think, someone comes along and tells you something new that you had never heard of!!
Lots of new products coming out as well. How many of you have a Cricut? What do you think of the new cartridges? Do you like the smaller, more specialized cartridges, or do you prefer the larger, all inclusive cartridges? I have had to get a couple of new ones lately. I will wait a few months and get another or two. I do want to buy a gypsy, but I am hoping they are on sale on black Friday, so I am waiting.  If you have one, tell me the positives and negatives about it please!
Well, not feeling well today, so that is going to be all for today. Thank you all for stopping by and please don't hesitate to leave a comment or two. Share this blog with anyone you know who may be interested in scrapping! I would love to have MANY more followers!
Thank you bunches!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day, 2010

Today, I was awakened to breakfast in bed by my wonderful husband of almost 28 years. I am not typically an eat as soon as you wake type of person, but I was today! He had this HUGE breakfast made for me and as always, the food was SO good, but it was so much I couldn't eat it all! He has given me a fantastic Mother's Day this year. Yesterday, we went shopping, and out to lunch, with more shopping, and since we no longer have a KFC in our hometown, we decided to stop on our way home and get some! It was a simple but wonderful day! Just spending the time with the man who made me a mother! I think sometimes the men don't get any thanks on Mother's Day when if it weren't for them, we wouldn't be mother's! So be sure to thank your man today, for making you a mother. And if he has helped you get through tough times, as most of them have, or put up with some of our antics as mother's and women, as most of them have, be sure to thank them. We all know of men who don't do that. They just give up and get away rather than stay and help you work through whatever difficulties come up. We need to stop and realize what wonderful and special people our men are for sticking in there with us. I love my big G!
As for scrapping, well hopefully today I will be able to get in my scrap room and work on straightening it up and getting it more in shape the way I want it. I am trying to get it so that I can reach the majority of my supplies without having to get out of my chair! Lazy? I don't think so. I say I am being efficient! But I do plan to get in there and work on getting it straightened so that I can actually work in there! I have several projects I need to get busy on!
I have recently started scrapbooking for others. I have a young lady whom I am scrapping her daughter's pictures for. She has the most adorable daughter!!! It has been a long time for me to be able scrap little girl stuff! I have had so much fun doing her pages!!
Yesterday, hubby bought me some more of the cubes that I am working on in putting my room together! And then I will be moving some shelving around and some of my products around, again, trying to get everything within easy reach of my work surface.
So, for today, I want to wish all Mom's out there a very happy and beautiful Mother's Day!!! Enjoy your family and don't forget to take pictures!!!
Happy Scrapping!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ms. J's Scrappin is on Facebook!!!

Yep, you heard right!!! I now have a facebook page, just for Ms. J's. If you follow my blog, please go take a look at my FB page. I am slowly getting pics of my layouts put on the site. I look forward to meeting many more scrappers through this blog and through my FB page! See you there soon!
My post today is going to be a short one. I had a procedure to my back yesterday and am not feeling too well. I hope to be back in full force by Monday. Please, feel free to add comments!!! I love to hear what others think!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



Scrapbooking as a career

We have all dreamed of doing something special, at least to us, at one time or another. My dreams include being published, both with my scrapbooking, and in writing. I pray that I have the opportunity to share with other scrappers things I have found along the way and tips and tricks that have worked for me. I look forward to the chance to learn from others, whether it be something new or something I thought I already knew!
Scrapbooking as a career can be very rewarding, I'm sure. I know I would love it. Just imagine, getting to do what you truly love and actually getting paid for it!! Talk about being happy with your job!!! I am currently working on a scrapbook for a friend, for pay, and I have discovered that even though my own personal pictures are not up to date, I can let go of that and truly enjoy doing pages for someone else! And the satisfaction when they see the end product and really like it, there is no other feeling like that. I pray that someday, hopefully sooner than later, I get that opportunity, to publish something that may help others go out of their comfort zone and try something new, or perhaps to convince many people to try the craft of scrapbooking.
As far as my writing goes, I am doing some research into that right now to see what is involved in becoming published author. Again I pray that at some time in the near future, I have the opportunity to get a taste of successful writing and being published.
What are some of your dreams? Tell me about them.
I certainly hope you will share with us here on my blog, and invite others to do the same! Also, don't forget, ScrapbookPal.com will be looking at various applicants for their design team today. I hope you will pray for me to be one of their choices, I know I am.
I need to get in my scraproom now and clean it up a bit so I can take pictures to post, so for now, HAPPY SCRAPPING everybody!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why Do I Scrapbook?

I thought it would be so easy to make money with my scrapbooking hobby. I couldn't have been more wrong. I have a website which has been up and running for almost a year now and have not had much luck with it. I do know that a lot of it has to do with advertising. If you pay certain companies x amount of money, then they will place your website higher on the search engines. I know it sounds crazy, but that is what they do. They base the location on a search engine on traffic through your website. So if you are someone who is just starting out without a lot of capitol to spend, then you get to be on the bottom of the pile, so to speak. Until now, I have not wanted to get involved with any affiliate programs, but I am seriously thinking about taking that leap, so you may start seeing a few more scrapbook advertisements on this blog. If so, I do hope you will click on them and check them out. Because, if I put it on my blog, you can be assured that it is a site I enjoy and use often myself.
Now, tell me why you scrapbook, how did you get started?
I started a few years ago after being introduced to it by a couple of friends of mine who scrap, and had been for a while. I first was invited to a Creative Memories party. I found it fun and interesting, but I have to say, at that time, I did not care much for most of their products. Even at that though, I had no problem spending plenty!!!
From there, I spoke to another friend about having gone to that party and she asked if I scrapbooked. I told her that had been my first experience with it and I did find it enjoyable. I had purchased a scrapbook kit from my local Walmart about 2-3 years prior to this, with the intent to start scrapping when my first grandchild was born that year. Well, (and this is kind of embarrassing to admit) but three years later, I dug the kit out from under my bed! And that was when I began to scrapbook.
The second friend invited a few people that she knew scrapbooked and we decided to have a crop at our local city courtroom. (All of us are either related to, or involved in the police department in some way.) At this crop, I had a blast! I didn't have much to work with though and I HAD to fix that. So, I asked my friend if she would go with me to Hobby Lobby and Michaels to help me pick out some supplies and she agreed. She had no idea what she was getting into!!! LOL
You see, when I decide I want to do something, I jump in with both feet. I go all out, and I did buying supplies! As we walked down the aisles of Hobby Lobby, I can remember her telling me that she usually had pictures in mind for what she was buying and that made things a little simpler for her. Well, that made sense to me, so that's what I did. Only, I went overboard with it. I had three boys in the military, so I think I must have bought everything I found that had anything to do with the US Army or Marines. I had a grandson, and two more on the way, so I bought a ton of boy stuff. I went nuts buying paper (I will admit I am a paperaholic), I bought stickers like they would never be available again! I bought so much stuff on that first trip to Hobby Lobby, she was actually scared to take me to Michaels the following week!!! But we did go, and I pretty much did the same thing when I got to Michaels! And, of course we found Joann's as well and I spent a small fortune there!
I had supplies coming out of my ears!!! So, naturally, I needed something to store all this stuff in. Lookout Ebay, here I come!! I found rolling totes, shoulder totes, stamping totes, paper totes, the only kind of tote I didn't find was one that I could operate with a remote control so I wouldn't have to carry it!!! That stuff gets heavy!
This was also the first year that I attended a scrapbook convention. Oh man! Conventions are a scrapbooker's heaven! Hundreds of vendors ready to sell you the latest and greatest stuff. There were classes to take that would teach you new techniques or show you new lines of product! Well, you guessed it. I went NUTS!!! I think I took about 9 classes that year, which is a pretty good bit but I did still have plenty of time to shop the vendors, and shop I did!!! Every evening as we headed back to our hotel, my friends were telling me that my husband was never going to let me go back to a convention again once he saw how much I spent! I assured them that I had my own money and he would not say a word. I was working at the time and had plenty of money to spend. But most importantly, we had fun! And I learned a lot.
That first convention is where I learned about tearing paper and inking the edges. Thanks Quick Quotes! I learned about coordinating patterned papers with your embellishments, and I discovered brads!!! OMG, second to paper comes my brads! I love brads! I guess you could say I am a brad addict! I bought brads, brad storage, eyelets, my first crop-a-dile! I loved every minute of that convention!
Since then, most of my addictions have not gotten any better. I found out that I am addicted to more than just paper and brads. I am most definitely a flower addict and on this trip over the past few days, I have been buying things to put my flowers in! I love to put my flowers in jars, pretty jars, old jars, colored jars. I just love to be able to look at my jars and see my flowers! It's sort of like looking at a garden that you don't have to water or worry about weeds growing in! Pretty awesome, huh? My flower addiction has really just gotten started over the past few months, so I have a ways to go, but I will get there! I will get to the point of having a flower for any and all pages I put together!!
I am also a rhinestone addict I have discovered. If it shines and I can stick it on a page, don't let it out of your site!
At first, I became known as the scrap queen in our little group. Not because I was the best by any means, but because I would not let anyone throw ANYTHING away!!! I always told them, "you never know when you might need it!" Of course they laughed at me and would try to sneak scraps into the trash and then when I discovered it, I would really let them have it! LOL But I have since changed on that somewhat. I no longer save every bottle cap I can find, or soda tab. I no longer follow my husband around on the weekends to make sure he isn't throwing anything away I might find a use for. One good thing did come out of this though. My sons all know that if it has anything to do with them AT ALL, they better save it for the scrapbook, or never let Mama know you had it! They are pretty good at saving things for me.
No matter how you got started scrapping, the point is that you have stuck to it because you enjoy it. That's my reason anyway. I want to preserve memories not just for future generations, but for myself in case I develop Alzheimers at some point. I will at least have these albums to look back on and hopefully remember things.
I scrap because I love it, I feel relaxed when I am scrapping. I may look like I am stressing over a page, but I am really relaxed. I call it my therapy. If I am having a really bad day and go into my scraproom and pull out something to work on, and I feel better almost instantly.
Tell me about your experiences. What made you decide to start scrapbooking? How long have you been at it? What are your addictions? LOL
Until next time fellow scrappers, that's all I have for tonight.
So, good night all!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I found a really cool site and they are having a BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY!!!!

You need to take a look at this site, especially if you like blog candy. They are having a give away and it is AWESOME!!! There is so much stuff in this give away, you will think they have lost their minds!!! Go check it out!!

Just look at what you could win!!!



Happy National Scrapbook Day

I have spent the majority of the day doing things at least related to scrapbooking. I started this morning working on my scrapbook pages, then I went shopping for scrapbooking stuff with a friend. We went to Tuesday Morning and found lots of goodies. I was able to get three packs of solid color cardstock, white, Christmas green, and Dark red, 25 sheets in each pack, for 1.99 each! I also got a couple of cardstock pads, 5.99 each! Of course, I found a few other things I just HAD to have, that never fails!!! LOL
Anyway, when got home, we went back to scrapping! I have acquired more goodies on this trip to my friends this time, than I have in a while. Of course hubby is probably going to kill me, but at least I will die happy!! LOL
I mean what is a trip to a friends for a scrapbooking visit, if you don't go do some shopping? Especially on NSD!!!
But, unfortunately, we are both pooped now and about to head to bed. I hope all of you were able to get some scrapbooking done today or at least had some fun doing something related to scrapbooking.
For now, I wish you a good night and I will talk to you tomorrow!
God Bless each and every one of you!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Tweeting on Twitter

Also, do any of you tweet? If so, catch up with me on twitter!  http://twitter.com/scrappinmawmaw That's where you will find me at times I am not blogging, on FB, or scrapping, or a little of it all!!

Shopping for Scrapbooking supplies and storage issues

I don't know how many of you out there have storage issues, but just about every scrapper I have spoken too is dissatisfied with all or part of their storage methods. Tell me what some of the methods of storage that you use, are your favorites, and which are the ones you want to get rid of the most, and tell me why on both.
Personally, I love the better built storage cubes purchased at Michaels and a few at Target. The 4 shelf cube is perfect for holding paper. A full cropper hopper paper holder just slides right in and this makes separating my paper somewhat easier. The only problem I have with this method is that I am very visual. If I don't see it, I will forget I have it and not use it. Of course, then 6 months later I come across this particular set of stickers or that piece of paper and just want to kick myself for not remembering where I put it, for not having better storage to prevent me from doing that.
I have started sorting all of my papers and embellishments by subject, for example, I have a Christmas container that contains all of my Christmas paper and stickers. I also have one for my Halloween stuff. I plan to by some more of these containers made by ArtBin. They have a handle, hold a BUNCH of stuff, and makes it so much easier if I am going to a crop and know what pictures I am going to work on, I can just grab the ArtBin box that contains that subject and maybe a few other things, such as some of my tools, and I am ready to go! It also makes it a lot easier if I have someone at my house scrapping with me and they want to borrow something. I don't have to stop what I am doing and search for the requested item, I can just direct them to the correct container and they can search for themselves.
I am up to 3 of these containers and I am loving this method of storage! I am not a fan of the Iris storage boxes that snap shut, primarily because they are then so difficult to open! The ArtBin's have two snap closures on the front of the box and they have a handle, making them a much better storage solution in my opinion. I plan to add many more of these ArtBins as finances allow and I think I will be very happy with that solution.
Once I get that taken care of, then I will either start on getting all my pics separated they way I plan to scrap them. As of now, I have them sorted somewhat, but not to my satisfaction. I intend to correct that! At this point, my plan is to have a photo storage box for each of my children and grandchildren, as well as a box for my husband, my pets, and then probably a miscellaneous box. I hate to put anything under miscellaneous because those are the ones that you will be searching for in a few weeks and won't remember where they are. This applies to embellishments as well for me!
I plan to post pics of my scraproom next week and I hope some of you followers will offer suggestions of better storage methods. I will be happy to listen  and consider any and all suggestions! But for tonight, since I am not at home, everything will stay in the containers I brought them in.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to soon have a gallery added so you may see some of my work. Some of it you can tell is done by a beginner, while there are quite a few pages I am very proud of. I do not mind scraplifting. In fact, I consider it a complement! So if you see something I have done that you would like to repeat, go for it! I just ask that you don't take one of my designs and try to sell it as your own. I believe in giving credit where credit is due.
Well, I think that is going to be it for tonight. So far in the past two days, I have completed 6 pages. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but I am not a super fast scrapper. I like to look a layout over and over to see if I want it one particular way or another. I have to try several different embellishments before I settle on what I want, so you can see how it would take me a while to complete a page. But that is due in part to my desire for perfection. I don't like crooked letters, strange groupings, etc. But, I said that was going to be all for tonight, so we can get into this subject a little more tomorrow. Until then, have a wonderful night, stay safe, and God Bless You and Yours!


When I saw the opportunity to enter this contest for a design team, I didn't know if I wanted to try to enter or not. I didn't know if I had the kind of talent I see so often of other design team members. But I decided "why not"? So, below you will find my entry for the Scrapbookpal.com design team.

Instructions for “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” page


Cardstock in chocolate brown, dark pink, light pink

Two pieces of coordinating patterned paper, I chose a brown floral and brown stripe from my scrap pile

8 ½ inch piece of ribbon coordinating with your patterned paper

Prima dogwood blossoms, 6

6 Antique Brass brads, small, by Spare Parts

One Pink heart decorative clip

One “Special Delivery” charm by Charm Me

(NOTE: These are the colors I chose. You can choose any colors that will coordinate with your photo.)

Begin by choosing your color palette. You are going to want three solids and two coordinating patterned pieces. One of your solid pieces of cardstock will be your background. With the second piece of cardstock, use your cricut George and Basic Shapes cartridge, cut a 6 inch open circle and two corner scrolls using the Storybook cartridge that are 3 ½ inches x 3 ½ inches. Using your third solid color, make a 4 ½ x 6 ½ inch photo mat and mat your photo. This solid can be whatever you choose, but it should coordinate well with you background color. That will be all you need of your solids. Next, from each piece of patterned paper, cut a strip that is 1 ¾ x 8 inches. Cut this strip from each of your patterns. On one of the pattern strips, you are going to put a piece of coordinating ribbon across the middle and attach with brads on the ends or just glue it to the back of your paper piece as I did.

Place your circle to the top and left of the center of the page. Place your matted photo to cover approximately 1/3 of the circle, bottom right. DO NOT ADHERE THE BOTTOM OF THE MAT! Next you are going to place the first pattern strip with the ribbon attached, and adhere it below the photo mat with approximately ½ of the strip under the photo mat and center this piece so that it has equal size pieces sticking out from under the photo mat on each side. Leave the bottom without adhesive so you can place your next piece. Place the second piece of patterned paper in a similar manner only this time you are going to have approximately ½ inch sticking out from the left side of the first mat and approximately ½ of the mat of the second pattern under the first pattern, as shown on the example.

Using the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridge, cut the words “Thank Heaven for little girls “ in 1 1/8 inch size. You can use a different title if you choose, just make sure you are going to have room to place the letters around the outside of the circle and along the edge of the photo mat.

Once you have adhered your title and scroll corners , you get to add some flowers and some bling! This is the best part! Using self –adhesive type rhinestones, apply them to the circle in whatever size increments look pleasing to you. I just eye-balled it at about a finger tip width between each.

Now you are going to apply your flowers using three blossoms centered between the two corner scrolls, and another set of three at the bottom left corner of the page. You can adhere these with a glue dot or brads. I personally prefer to use brads just because I like that little extra punch that the brad gives the flowers. Slide the charm onto the clip and place the clip on the ribbon piece to the right of the photo.

Sit back and take a look at what you just did!

You can purchase most of your supplies through http://www.scrapbookpal.com/!

I hope you enjoy my layout. There is more of my work you can see at http://www.msjs-scrappinonline.com/, or find me on Facebook.http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2050833&id=1342784432&l=200e629132
Thank you VERY much for looking and have a great day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paper, paper, and more paper!!!

Well my plan had been to share some pictures of my newly organized scraproom today, but it's not finished yet. I spent most of the day separating patterened paper! I have a TON of patterned paper! I'm trying to decide on the best way to sort it for the way I use it. I typically use my PP according to the subject of the layout, ie: baby girl, fishing, boys playing outside, etc. But if I try to sort all of it that way, then what do I do with all the extra such as my florals, stripes, weird pieces (lol) and such? Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome!
I did learn today that I have a LOT more girlie paper than I thought! I love pretty paper and it is one of my addictions. I worked with drug addicts at one time and I swore I would never put myself in that kind of predicament, but with scrapping, you just can't help it!!! There are so many different things to get addicted to! My addictions right now include paper, flowers, bling of any kind, flock, brads, eyelets, ink, pens, starting to really get into stamps, and cricut cartridges!!!
I don't get to buy as many cartridges as I would like and I have not fallen for the gypsy yet. I am waiting for it to HOPEFULLY be on sale on black Friday!!! That is, after all, how I purchased both my baby bug, and my expression! I love to save a little money, because what I save means I can  buy something else!!!
I also love to find odd things to put on pages. For example, a couple of years ago, my husband and I were on a trip to NC and visited Georgia (beautiful state). Of course I had to go to Savannah and eat at Paula Deen's "The Lady and Sons". Well "The Lady" wasn't there that day, but one of the sons was and he is just as cute in person as on TV. Ok, back to the original subject.
We traveled to Tybee Island while we were there and let me tell you, as someone who until two years ago had only seen the Galveston beach, these beaches were gorgeous!!! No gunk on the sand, beautiful, clean looking and smelling water! Sorry, but to me, Galveston smells fishy! I can say that, I'm a Texan by birth!!! Anyway, while we were at Tybee Island walking along the beach on a rather cool day, we started finding sand dollars, WHOLE! I've only seen pieces or fake ones until that day. We discovered how to find them under the sand and we loaded up! If we found one that we could tell was still alive, we would toss him back out to the water and tell him that we hoped to see him next trip! I came home with about 15 sand dollars.
Well, I knew if I didn't do something, they would all end up crumbling and then I would have Tybee Island sand! So, I took a couple of them and started covering them in Elmer's white glue. Layer by layer, each dried clear, until finally I felt I had enough on there, several days later, to protect the sand dollar in a scrapbook. It worked!!! I have a beautiful sand dollar on one of my pages.  I will have to remember to get that album down and take a photo and share with you all!
Back to what I was saying about unusual things on scrap pages, if you can get it flat enough, and you like the look it gives, go for it! And here is a secret about all the really cute flowers that you pay $5+ for about 25 to 50 in a jar. Go to Walmart, or a dollar store, and buy bunches of artificial flowers! When you get home, start plucking the flowers off the stems! You will end up with a whole bunch of flowers and some stems you can use as well!!
What is something unusual you have used on any of your pages? Please post a comment and share it with us!
Well, sleep is taking over for now, so until next time, I wish you happy and productive scrapping sessions!!!

ScrapbookPal Design Team Entry

Everyone has a dream of one day being famous or doing something very special and being recognized for it. My dream is to one day be published through my writing and my scrapbooking. I love to do both so it would be especially gratifying if I could accomplish both at the same time.
I don't have favorite subjects to write about, nor to scrapbook about. If it is of interest to me and I think there may be a chance of it being of interest to someone else, then I want to share it.
Scrapbooking is so much more than just a hobby for me. Having been a crafter for many years of various different mediums, I finally found the one that I have stuck with and it keeps me interested. Probably because layouts can be made fairly quickly, and they are always different! There is no monotony in scrapbooking!
My scraproom is my most favorite place to be in my house. It is there that I can relax and get lost in my own little world. I will spend many hours in that room not only scrapping, but arranging things hoping to find the best way to have everything set up, trying different ways of sorting my patterned paper, or rearranging various aspects of my room. I recently totally rearranged the entire room! Boy did my back pay for that over the next week!!
In my opinion, scrapbooking is an art which ANYONE can do. When someone tells me they don't know home to scrap, or they would never be able to decide where to put things or to figure out how to start, I tell them that scrapbooking is the easiest of all crafts because it is so personal. The main point I try to get across to new or potential scrapbookers is that there is no right or wrong in scrapbooking. It is all personal. I tell them that if it feels good and looks good in their eyes, that's all that matters. It is my firm belief that if someone enjoys their end product, it is a good layout. If it is something that they would feel comfortable showing off, it is a good layout. But first and foremost, you have to have fun with it! Be playful or adventurous with the way you set up your page sometimes.
I also tell new scrappers to be careful of committing the same mistake I did when I started scrapbooking. I thought I had to have everything!! And I needed it all before I could even think about starting on layouts! There is no telling how much money I spent in the first few months on scrapbook supplies. And it didn't matter where I found them, Dollar Store, Walmart, scrapbook stores, or online! If I liked it and had the slightest idea of a picture I could use the item with, I bought it. Fairly quickly, I became overwhelmed with all of my scrapbooking paraphenalia. I needed storage techniques.
After trying many different storage methods, I finally found the one for me. I use as many of the Jetmax cubes I can get at either Michael's or sometimes Target. They are so adaptive to any space and to any items. I'll have to put some photos of my room in a gallery here for all to see .
I have been scrapping for about 4 years now. Oh, like most every other female, I tried it in High School. You know, using scotch tape and sticking a few pictures on a piece of construction paper and then covering the rest of the page in various stickers! That was it, other than the use of those decorative scissors! LOL
I will talk about those scissors and other methods of making your paper smaller on my next entry. In the meantime, feel free to visit with me over on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/judy.hall3?ref=profile
Introduce yourself and let's get to know each other. I'm sure you have some ideas I might like and I hope I have some ideas that you like! I don't mind being scraplifted, all I ask is to give credit where credit is due, especially if you are publishing the layout on any public forum. I consider it a compliment when someone wants to copy my work!
Thank you so much for sticking with me through some of these rather lengthy entries. I am a couple of layouts I would like to be considered for my entry to become a Scrapbook Pal design team member. Wish me luck! Thanks and God Bless!
SPC. Justin Hall, Doing one of his favorite things, playing in the mud! Only my son could stick a Hummer that deep!
Side 1 of a two page layout. 3 generations of twins, all boys.
Side two of two page layout. This is the same twins seen in side one, only lots younger!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Having a Dream

Everyone has a dream of some kind. Sometimes they are fairly easily reached, such as getting married, buying your first home, going on that dream vacation; while some are not as easily reached. This would be the case for my dream of becoming published, either through writing or with my scrapbooking.
I started scrapbooking in 2006. I had intended to start in 2003 with the impending birth of my first grandchild. I wanted to memorialize every move that child made! However, that scrapbook kit, purchased at my local Walmart, was shoved under my bed with nothing else towards scrapbooking done, or even thought of, until early January, 2006.
At that time, my daughter was awaiting the arrival of her twins. Her first child was a boy and we had SO hoped this pregnancy would include a girl, but it was not to be. She gave birth to two small boys, barely 3 pounds each, in April, prematurely.
But backing up to early January, I had found a friend who worked with my husband who also happened to scrapbook! She had been doing this for years! She told me how much fun it was and how she found it relaxing so, I thought "why not"? I would give it a try. After all, I had tried almost every other type of craft there was and I had all the supplies to prove it! So, I figured I might as well give this one a try.
Then came the thought, why not get rid of or at least store away, all these extra craft supplies and get them out of my way, and choose one craft that I really enjoyed and stick with just that one rather than several at the same time.
I can't begin to tell you how many crocheted afghans I have started and not finished, or plastic canvas projects I was going to make, or counted cross stitch designs I had plans for when I finished them. But these crafts, and many others including Donna Dewberry's one stroke painting, were missing something. I would start them, get bored, and put them away. Usually, these projects were never seen again, unless I had to move the project or the supplies out of the way for something else! You see, all my supplies for all these crafts was being stored in my bedroom and believe me, they took up a lot of room!
So, I decided one day that I was going to "clean sweep" my bedroom, and in doing this, I was going to choose one craft and do it for one year. If I was still interested after one year, that would be the project that I would stick with. But I could not decided which craft I wanted to do.
The cleaning out of my bedroom began with laying out a 20 foot by 20 foot tarp in the front yard. My husband and I, and any of my children I could wrangle into helping us, began bringing EVERTHING out of my bedroom and putting it on the tarp. Well, once this was done, we realized that another tarp was going to be needed so I could have the room to separate this stuff because the first 20 ft square tarp was full! We had managed to remove everything, including furniture from my room, and it only took half the day! I was tired already.
We put down the second tarp, and I started sorting. I had my keep pile, my toss pile, and my give away pile!
It didn't take long before I realized that I had a TREMENDOUS amount of craft supplies that I had forgotten I had! About this time is when I spotted it, the scrapbook kit I had purchased when my daughter was pregnant with her first child, our first grandchild, in January 2003!
As I sat and looked at this kit, still unopened, I thought of many different things to do with it. I could keep it, and probably end up storing it away for another long time. I didn't care for that option because that implied that I was going to be doing this type of clean up again in the future and I was already exhausted! So, that ruled out that option. I could give it away, but I am not the kind of person  that likes to get rid of things I have never used. If I am going to give it to you, I want to know that it has either never been used, or is something that I am sure you will put to good use. I showed this kit to my daughter, and after we both had a few laughs over the fact that it had been sitting under the edge of my bed all this time, I decided that would be my one craft project for the year, to scrapbook! So, I started looking at all the other craft supplies in an entirely different way.
Rather than realizing that this was something I would probably never touch again and therefore getting rid of it, I decided that I was going to scrapbook. After all, I had the previous 2 & 1/2 years of my first grandson's life to memorialize on paper!
We finished the separation of everything, loaded the back of my husband's truck down with things to be taken to our local Goodwill, filled many trashbags with things to throw away, and I still had a mound of crafting supplies!
I reorganized the supplies as best I could with the storage items I had, and, took them back into my bedroom, to stow away until I was ready to use them. The pile of things I thought I might use for scrapbooking was not very large. These items I bagged up separately and took them to the end of my dinner table. I was going to start that weekend with a scrapbook for my grandson!

Along this same time, another friend of mine invited me to a Creative Memories party. We had a lot of fun that night, I made a card which I felt was way too simple for my taste and when the time came, I tried to buy a little of everything!
I bought a few magazines to look at and see what the trends were in scrapbooking. I mean I knew how we did it when I was in high school, but this was many years later! We just stuck things on a piece of paper, surrounded it with a few stickers, cut the edges of almost everything with decorative scissors, and that was it. We knew nothing about anything needing to be acid free or such as that.

Sometime the following week, I was at my husband's office when I struck up a conversation with a friend I had made during the previous year's hurricane, Rita. Connie and I were talking about the hurricane as well as several other topics when she mentioned something about scrapbooking. I told her that this was something I wanted to get into and she told me that there was someone else, also a good friend, in the office who also scrapped! So, Connie suggested that she would contact one of her outside friends who she scrapped with from time to time and we would get a crop set up.
I had no idea of what she was talking about really as far as a crop. I had never heard of that unless you were talking about how good of a crop of peas or beans or other vegetable you had for that year. Why would Connie want us to get together for a 'crop'? So, like any other time I wanted to begin doing something, I went home and researched on the internet, I looked up scrapbooking and was overwhelmed with what I found. There were a lot of people out there that scrapbooked! This must be a pretty cool craft or there wouldn't be SO many websites just for that subject.
As I clicked on site after site, I saw some finished projects that really looked nice. But I also noticed something else. A lot of the craft supplies that I had packed away to wait for a year for me, were things I could use in scrapbooking! So, I went to the storage shed and began to pull things out. My hubby wasn't too happy about me pulling things out that I had just stored away not even a month prior!
Connie had set up a crop date with another of her friends and it was to be in two weeks, so we decided that I needed to get some supplies. Believe it or not, I didn't have much as far as scrapbooking tools or typical supplies went! So, we made our way to Beaumont for some shopping.
When we finally headed home that evening I think I had spent well over $500 on items I felt I just had to have. As I would walk down the sticker aisles, I would find stickers and think of pictures I had that these would go well with and toss them into my cart. I was working at this time, so I wasn't too worried about spending that much. Besides, how much could a few stickers, some paper, some adhesive, and a few other things cost? I was sure it couldn't be much! When we finally got to the checkout counter at Michaels, I had spent over $200! WOW! Like any good shopper, at this point, I WAS PUMPED!!! I was ready to start! But first, we needed to go to Hobby Lobby and see what they had that I had not already purchased!
When we finished at Hobby Lobby, I had another receipt for around $200 again! Okay, this was crazy!
I remember telling Connie that I could not believe how much I was spending, especially compared to how much she spent, which was significantly less than me. She explained to me that this was because she had already been scrapbooking for several years and already had most of the supplies I had just purchased!
So, once we got home, I started sorting the items I had bought. I had piles of stickers, a rather large pile of various patterned paper, cardstock, as well as numerous other items. I had the basic new crafter's tool kit, scissors and glue! I searched through all the various totes I had and came up with a couple to put all my things in for taking to this crop I was going to in about a week.
Now for the fun part. Finding the photos I wanted to use! I had not even thought of the fact that I was going to have to sort my photos! I found several photos of my grandson and decided that these would be the ones I would use at the crop. As I looked at the mounds of pictures I had, I remember thinking to myself "why?" Why would anyone accrue so many photos and not at least get them put into photo albums! I was lazy, that's why, lazy and uninterested.
Sometime this week I was watching TV and a commercial came on for this scrapbooking kit that had over 3000 pieces to it! And, it was only $19.99! So, like the good future scrapper I was going to be, I ordered it!Finally, the night for the scrap/crop finally arrived. I invited my daughter because I knew she would enjoy this. We had been talking about it all the previous week. I had her come over and look at all the things I had bought. We were having a good time just thinking of different ways to preserve certain photos!
I had been looking at any scrapbook magazine I could get my hands on to prepare for this night. I didn't want to look like a beginner! I wanted to look like I knew what I was doing. Then I saw what another of Connies' friends had for supplies. She said she had been scrapbooking for about a year I believe she said. She didn't even have enough supplies to fill two Walmart bags!!! How was she going to produce something really nice with just the few things she had?
Once everyone was situated and the scrapping began, I was watching the others put things on their paper, rearrange them, look them over, add things and take other things off, rearrange the page again, and on and on until they were satisfied with the outcome and then, and only then, would they finally glue their things down. However, nothing was ever glued down before asking everyone else's opinion, and then deciding what you liked best.
Crystal, my daughter was cruising right along! It was obvious that she had done this before! I sat with photos of my grandson and stared at them trying to get an idea. I pulled out paper, changed shades of paper, then pulled out stickers I wanted to use, letters, etc. I began to set up my two page layout and the others would glance my way from time to time and ask how it was going, to which I typically replied "fine."
I worked and reworked this layout until, finally, I was happy with what I had produced and I thought it was pretty cute if I did think so myself!! My first two page layout, complete! I was pooped! I had spent most of the evening on that one layout! I felt it was worth it and everyone was complimenting me on it, so I must have done something right!
You tell me what you think!

Page one
Page Two
My very first layout! I was so excited to have finished something so quickly (a few hours as opposed to several days or weeks, and I loved the look! Once I finished this layout, I was hooked! I am very happy
to now call myself a scrapbooker!
Next time, I'll talk about the fun of sorting your photos!! (NOT). It has to be done, but there is nothing fun about this when you have thousands to sort!
Until next time!......

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Scraproom

Ok, I believe somewhere around here I promised some pictures of my scraproom. The pictures I'm going to share with you, are nothing like it is now. That room is a total mess!!! I'm waiting until I get back from my trip and then  I will be rearranging and reorganizing things in there. I have been taking some inventory of things. Sheesh!!! I have a LOT of stuff!!! But, it brings me pleasure, just like hunting does for my husband. When you find something to occupy your time that you truly enjoy, I believe you have hit the jackpot!!! Well, anyway, as promised, here are some pictures of my scraproom, before reorganization!!!! lol

Friday, February 19, 2010

Scrapbooking and dreams

I have blogged about many things, mostly NOT related to my love of scrapbooking, but that is changing as of today!! I LOVE to scrapbook. I consider it my therapy. When  I can get  in my scraproom and lose myself in my projects, sometimes my family will have to come in to check to see if I am still alive in there! To me, scrapbooking is so much more than just preserving pictures, it is all about the memories. That's why I believe you can make a layout that preserves memories about an occasion even if you don't have photos. If you have the memory, that is what you scrap. You utilize other items that remind you of that memory, a menu, a business card, paper clip, button, coaster, ANYTHING!!! I am one of those people who believe that anything can be put in a scrapbook if it is done correctly. If it is something too bulky, there is where you get your picture. Take photos of the bulky items and include them on your layout.
People ask me how to learn to scrapbook and I tell them, there is no wrong or right way to scrap. If you put two pictures on a piece of cardstock or patterned paper and some sort of journaling and you are happy with it, that's all that matters! It is, after all, your memories being preserved. YOURS is the only opinion that matters. Sure you want others to look at your albums and ooh and ahh, who doesn't? But if they don't, and you look at those photos and pages and YOU ooh and ahh, that is what is important! You have to enjoy what you do, and be happy with the outcome yourself. Once I tell them that, they seem to relax and typically come up with some gorgeous layouts!!!
And don't tell me "I'm just not creative". Fooey on that. Once you get that photo on some paper, ideas  start flowing from who knows where, but they do. I can't draw a decent stick person, but I have learned to make some really cute tear bears!!
The main thing about scrapbooking, in my opinion, other than preserving memories, is you have to have fun at it. If it gets to the point of feeling like work, then it's time to try something different. Try a different technique, make a card if you have never tried that. Or, try an altering project!!
Altering project you say? What is that? Look around your house, usually in the kitchen, and find something that seems like it should have some other use instead of throwing it away when it's empty. Let's take a cereal box for example. If you take that empty cereal box, cut an angle off each side making it look similar to the magazine holders, you have altered that box. Now decorate it!! Do whatever feels right to you in decorating that box! When you get through with it, noone will believe you made it. They will swear you bought it at some fancy boutique!! And these kinds of reactions will boost your confidence to a whole new level!
There are so many different things you can do with your everyday scrapbooking supplies. And many of us have our supply addictions. I have several actually. I have yet to find an effective 12 step program for scrappers, but, I haven't looked very hard either! lol
I am addicted to paper, patterned, solid, textured, vellum, transparency, who cares!!! If it is paper, I love it! I am also addicted to flowers though my collection is nowhere near where I want it to be. I'm getting there though! Then, I also have this addiction to brads and eyelets.
In my younger years, I used to say there wasn't a roller coaster made that I wouldn't ride. I would still say that but my back doctor would not agree! Now I say, there is not a brad that I can't find a use for!! Or fall in love with!
If you want to learn to scrapbook, grab a magazine. It doesn't have to be a scrapbooking magazine either. Just thumb through and look at the pictures. See the mixture of colors and patterns. Notice the placement of all the items on the page. That is design and with scrapbooking, that is pretty much what you are doing, a form of graphic design!
Try it. You will LOVE it!!! If not, call me. I will help you learn to love it, or be glad to take your scrap supplies off your hands!!! LOL
Happy scrapping everybody!!!!