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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crystal is in the hospital

Sunday, May 16, 2010, 12:16
I am sitting in the hospital with my daughter, waiting for the doctor to come by and let us know what is going on. Crystal is on the monitor which is monitoring Abby's heartbeat as well as the rate and intensity of contractions. Crystal has had some good contractions and she is still uncomfortable. We sit and wait for Dr. Schnieder to come in and tell us what is going to happen. As I write this Crystal is having a contraction. It is a good one, enough that she is not talking through she says it is hurting in her hips. Earlier the nurse told us the she (doctor) would be in after lunch and we will hopefully know more then. As I sit here listening to the heart beat of my precious granddaughter, my thoughts and feelings are mixed. I am thrilled beyond belief that we are finally going to have the the little girl that Crystal and I have waited so long for. Yet I don't like seeing my baby girl in pain. As I see her move around in an attempt to get comfortable, I can recal when I was in labor with her. That had to be the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. But 27 1/2 hours later, I met the most beautiful baby in the whole world, my daughter. What a feeling of joy and pride that was. To describe my feelings at that time is just impossible. Only someone who has been there will know.
When that child cries and you realizethat your body produced that precious gift from God! That's when you also realize how good God is and how fortunate you are to receive one of God's precious miraclces. The feeling of love is just so strong like no other feeling you have ever had.
1315- Well, they gave her a shot of Breathine to slow the contractions. Dang it! She got up to go to the bathroom and had a brown colored discharge. I told her to call the nurse and tell her about it. They are going to let her eat and she is very happy about that. The plan at this point is, as long as nothing goes haywire, or her contractoins don't get stronger and no vaginal changes, we are looking at having a c-section baby arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon between 12 & 2.
I know I can't wait for little Abby to get here. Crystal did tell me that she doesn't have any of the light weight receiving blankets so I am going by Walmart when I leave here and get her some.
She has had several  visitors today including Meagan, Ashley, Cooter, Amber, Bridgette and Elizabith from church. They let her know that the Sunday School class are planning to bring her dinner when she gets home. I think that is wonderful. Just something that a good church full of good Christian people will do. God Bless all these people.
She continuess to do well, contractions have decreased since the Breathine, but they are continuing. Who knows? If they continue like this, the doc may decide to go ahead and do surgery tonight? We are playing the waiting game right now!.

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